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"If you love 'The Mountain,' you'll love Below the Clouds."
— Mike Gauthier, Lead Climbing Ranger, Mt Rainier National Park and author of Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide

"You can be proud that you have portrayed our mountain in such grandeur."
— Cecelia Svinth Carpenter, Indian Historian and author of Where The Waters Begin, The Traditional Nisqually Indian History of Mount Rainier

"I believe you captured the mystique, beauty, spirit and soul of my favorite mountain. This film allows each of us to personally connect with Rainier."
— Peter Whittaker, Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.

"Loved the music. Flowers, animals, birds, TERRIFIC. Good show!"
— Harvey Manning, author of 100 Classic Hikes in Washington
Below the Clouds/Rainier Impressions, a robert chrestensen film, original score by annastasia workman

Follow in the footsteps of the filmmaker. Four years of filming brings this extraordinary vision of Mt Rainier to life.

Mt Rainier photosBelow the Clouds / Rainier Impressions is a personal journey to discover Rainier,"The Mountain." It is an intimate portrait of a unique mountain painted with stunning imagery and an inspiring original score by Northwest talent Annastasia Workman. The film not only reveals the true essence of an extraordinary mountain environment, but also serves as a testimony for wilderness preservation. It is without words so the viewer is free to become fully immersed in the beautiful mountain scenery and eloquent musical themes.

While Mt Rainier is a world-renowned climbing destination, the national park offers so much more. This is a nature film that focuses primarily on the land below the clouds - the heart and soul of "The Mountain." It artfully depicts the majesty and diversity of this unique environment. It progresses from the purely natural world; then looks at human presence - their impacts and interactions. It explores the blending of both worlds, a resilient mountain reclaiming what's been lost to time, and the harmony between the wildlife and their native habitat. It reveals the mountain's force; its beauty, spirit, balance and form; its bounty and greatness. But, through it all, a central message echoes: Rainier - the mountain and the land - command respect and deserve protection.

46 minutes ~ Nature, Art, Mountain Environment, Mountain Culture, Mountain Experience, Wilderness Preservation, Outdoor Recreation, Natural History, Bio-Diversity, Inspiration, Relaxation, Health, Therapy
Filmed and edited by Robert Chrestensen
Original score by Annastasia Workman
Produced by Crest Pictures

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