Filmed & Edited : Robert Chrestensen
Produced & Directed : Robert & Kathy Chrestensen
Writings : Harvey Manning
Adaptation : Kathy Chrestensen
Harvey's Voice : Earl V. Prebezac
Music Composed & Produced : David Michael ~ Purnima Productions BMI
Still Photography : Jason Hummel
Tom Miller
Photographers :
Kevin Thurner
Don Geyer
Larry Hanson
Seth Pollack
Tom Gotchy
Kathy Chrestensen
Mark Griffith
Musicians : David Michael ~ Guitar & Celtic Harp
Joe Breskin ~ Lead Guitar
Daniel Deardorff ~ Harmonica & Mandolin
Katey Dwyer ~ Fiddle
Jack Dwyer ~ Banjo
Dari Michael ~ Piano
Randy Mead ~ Flute, Sax & Bass
“Prairie Lullaby” : Dari Michael ~ Composer
David Michael ~ Guitar
Joe Breskin ~ Lead Guitar
Dari Michael ~ Bowed Psaltery
Michael Mandrell ~ Guitar
Gwen Franz ~ Violin
Music Engineers : Neville Pearsall ~ Synergy Sound
Randy Mead ~ Mead Media
Sound Mixing : Robert Chrestensen
Voice Recording : Moe Provencher ~ Jack Straw Productions
Special Thanks :
Betty Manning & the Manning Family ~ For all the encouragement and support, with excerpts from:
  • High Worlds of the Mountain Climber ~ Bob and Ira Spring, text by Harvey Manning
  • The Wild Cascades : Forgotten Parklands, ~ Harvey Manning
Helen Cherullo, Publisher, The Mountaineers Books, with excerpts from:
  • The North Cascades ~ text by Harvey Manning and photographs by Tom Miller
  • Washington Wilderness: The Unfinished Work ~ Harvey Manning
  • 100 Hikes in Washington's South Cascades & Olympics, 3rd Edition ~ Harvey Manning and Ira Spring
  • Hiking the Great Northwest: 55 Great Trails in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Northern California, British Columbia, and the Canadian Rockies ~ Harvey Manning, Ira Spring and Vicky Spring
  • Walks & Hikes in the Foothills & Lowlands Around Puget Sound ~ Harvey Manning and Penny Manning
  • 100 Classic Hikes in Washington ~ Harvey Manning and Ira Spring
  • 55 Hikes Around Snoqualmie Pass: Mountains-to-Sound Greenway ~ Harvey Manning
Malcolm S. Bates, Cloudcap, with excerpts from:
  • Cascade Voices – Conversations with Washington Mountaineers ~ Malcolm S. Bates
Tom Booth, Associate Director, Oregon State University Press, with excerpts from:
  • Walking the Beach to Bellingham ~ Harvey Manning
Ken Wilcox, Publisher,  Northwest Wild Books, with excerpts from:
Mike McNellis ~ Camp Parsons, Boy Scouts of America
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
KXLY Broadcast Group
Nann Prebezac
Dari Michael
Joe Breskin
Mark, Sofi & Miles Griffith
Jeremy Hummel