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You have put together one of the most moving and beautiful films we have ever seen... and what a delight that it was all about one of my hero/mentors and about my forever-treasured North Cascades, where it all began for me.
~ Brock Evans, President of the Endangered Species Coalition

We are inundated these days by eco-porn: prettified, commoditified, and often garish scenery in calendars. The Irate Birdwatcher in contrast is sensitive and lyrical to the eye and the ear from the inimitable pen of Harvey Manning.
~ John S. Edwards, board member North Cascades Conservation Council

The gorgeous wilderness cinematography in The Irate Birdwatcher provides the North Cascades imagery that was missing from the Ken Burns film on National Parks, and it’s a fitting visual counterpart to the words of wildlands defender Harvey Manning.
~ Karl Forsgaard, Washington Forest Law Center, board member North Cascades Conservation Council

Harvey Manning’s love of the Pacific Northwest wilderness is expressed poetically that puts the listener deeply into the backcountry, while Robert Chrestensen’s mountain scenes envelope the senses. Together they show us what we have and must protect.
~ Mary Lou Krause, North Cascades Conservation Council

You feel like you’re sitting around the campfire or huffing up a steep brushy trail, breaking out into the meadows and surveying the peaks alongside Harvey Manning himself. For me personally, it’s as close as I’ll ever get to listening to the John Muir of the Cascades.
~ Philip Fenner, North Cascades Conservation Council

I wore a smile on my face for 50+ min as I watched the Irate Birdwatcher. It was wonderful ... I definitely feel like I know more about Harvey Manning now. And, truly, what a guy! I connected so easily with his words. Earl Prebezac's voice was magically fitting. The imagery, well - it was perfect, wild and happy. The message of conservation, of preservation, of love for the wilderness: yes!
~ Kelsie in Bremerton, WA

Really superb photography, wonderful music, classic Harvey prose... really neat surprise to see the historic Camp Parsons scouts shots in the early Marmot Pass segment... among the many surprise visual treats, it is simply those dewy gentians that are fixed in my mind forever...and I suspect Harvey would be the first to agree the narrator's voice, resonant of character, is a big improvement on his own speaking voice!

Postscript: This film really requires 3 viewings! The first, we were overwhelmed with the scenery ("I've been there! But where is that?"). In the second, tried to concentrate on Harvey's words. The third, on the music itself, which is just great!

What a masterful job you did weaving this all together, Robert!
~ Rod in Sequim, WA

Really a nicely done piece of film... Great narration, nice backing soundtrack, and some gorgeous scenery shown that matched up well with Harvey's poetic prose. Obviously a lot of time and hard work went into the project... Thanks again for sharing it with all of us!
~ Mike in Tukwila, WA

A big thanks to you and all those involved for putting together such a wonderful moving tribute to Harvey Manning. It was a real pleasure to watch. I can hardly wait for the release of the DVD so that I might have my own copy. Well done.
~ Eric in Snohomish, WA

Wow … that was an amazing film that you and your husband put together. I found it to be funny and dramatic while at the same time inspirational and moving; a call to action so to speak. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad we were able to meet.
~ Joe in Snohomish, WA

It would be hard to lavish too much praise on "The Irate Birdwatcher"; both my daughter and I really enjoyed it. Wonderful shots of great mountain scenery and flora and fauna from the Olympics and Cascades, and from the shore as well. All of it expertly married to aptly-chosen gems of Harvey Manning's prose. The Irate Birdwatcher is a very moving testament to Harvey Manning and to what he stood for, and I thank you and Robert for all you put into this project. I'll certainly be looking forward to buying a DVD once it becomes available and perhaps attending another showing if you get one set up over here in the hinterlands.
~ Greg on Bainbridge Island, WA

aside from the most excellent writing and amazing photography, the thing i took away from the film is just how fortunate we are to live in a state such as this. i thought harvey's expression about how here in WA, things are just right. the glaciers are present, but family-sized, offering meadows to walk through, trees to gaze upon, and perfect summertime temps. so very true.
~ Mike in Seattle, WA

Thanks again for the extra special film. The photography is amazing. It made me wish I was out hiking in those high alpine meadows beneath the large glaciers tumbling down the mountains. I know you guys put a lot of effort in the film and it shows. Can't wait to order a copy.
~ Eric in Edmonds, WA