Out of the Mist - Olympic Wilderness Stories

The Storytellers:

Dave SkinnerDave Skinner has spent most of his life on the Olympic Peninsula backpacking, climbing peaks, working on trails and doing glacier research for the University of Washington.

Harvest MoonHarvest Moon has become an ambassador and historian for the Quinault Indian Nation and the Coast Salish through her popular storytelling and basket weaving artistry.

Dane BurkeDane Burke has backpacked hundreds of miles on multi-day trips exploring some of the most remote off-trail areas in the Olympic Mountains.

Tim McNultyTim McNulty has lived on the Olympic Peninsula for over 40 years, authored several books and essays on natural history, writes and teaches poetry, and speaks out on behalf of wilderness.

A Crest Pictures Film
Produced & Directed: Robert and Kathy Chrestensen
Filmed & Edited: Robert Chrestensen
Music Composed & Produced: Annastasia Workman
Additional Footage: Dane Burke
      Annastasia Workman, piano
      Annie Ford, violin and viola
      Dayton Allemann, flute
Filmed on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Running Time: 48:32 minutes

Background photo: Kathy Chrestensen


Media & Contact Info

Out of the Mist ~ Olympic Wilderness Stories is a feature film (48:32 minutes) chronicling the life experiences of Dave Skinner, Harvest Moon, Dane Burke, and Tim McNulty as they explore, discover and grow to love and respect the Olympic wilderness. It was filmed over several years of hiking and backpacking in some of the Olympic Peninsula's most remote wilderness areas.

Crest Pictures is always looking for new places to screen Out of the Mist. We charge no licensing fee, but in exchange we ask that admission be either free to the public or a modest donation to benefit a worthy cause. If your club or organization wishes to show Out of the Mist please don't hesitate to contact us at crestpictures@frontier.com

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Press Release

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Dave Skinner

Dave Skinner ~ Photo by Robert Chrestensen (72 ppi, 30 KB)

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon ~ Photo by Robert Chrestensen (72 ppi, 44 KB)

Dane Burke

Dane Burke ~ Photo by Robert Chrestensen (72 ppi, 26 KB)

Tim McNulty

Tim McNulty ~ Photo by Robert Chrestensen (72 ppi, 34 KB)

Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest ~ Photo by Kathy Chrestensen (72 ppi, 56 KB)

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus ~ Photo by Kathy Chrestensen (72 ppi, 29 KB)

Lake LaCrosse

Lake La Crosse ~ Photo by Kathy Chrestensen (72 ppi, 22 KB)

Deception Basin

Deception Basin ~ Photo by Kathy Chrestensen (72 ppi, 35 KB)

Lane Peak

Robert Chrestensen, Filmmaker ~ Photo by Kathy Chrestensen (72 ppi, 27 KB)

DVD Cover & Poster

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What people are saying about the film

Jeffrey Mayor, Tacoma News Tribune

Seabury Blair, Jr - Mr. Outdoors, Kitsap Sun

Diane Urbani de la Paz, Peninsula Daily News

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